15 May: Coral Reefs of Northeast Tobago

Coral reef research in Tobago began in the late 1970s and 80s, right around the time when Trinidad and Tobago established the Institute of Marine Affairs.

Even back then, Buccoo reef was heavily impacted by pollution from coastal development in the area. Coral reefs in northeast Tobago were more removed from disturbance, but also never thoroughly explored and surveyed (at least by local scientists).


15 May: Coral Reefs of Southwest Tobago, then and now

Diving in the southwest Tobago is a hotter and sunnier experience, compared with diving along the steep edges of the main ridge in the northeast.

The brightly lit waters and whiter sand give the coral reefs a picturesque ambiance; but the coral reefs here also display a complex history of disturbance and some surprises.