Southwest Tobago

Buccoo Reef

Coral Gardens

Driver’s Dream

Mt. Irvine Bay

Southside Reefs

Buccoo Reef, Tobago

The only Marine Protected Area in Tobago, Buccoo Reef features a fringing reef system with a back reef and a lagoon that are connected to a mangrove ecosystem. The uniqueness of this reef attracted many during the 1950s and 1960s, but decades of mismanagement have allowed large portions of the reef system to be degraded. Some sections of Buccoo Reef are still productive. See Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens, Tobago

Coral Gardens is a small patch reef located in the Bon Accord Lagoon in the Buccoo Reef Marine Protected Area. This is one of the better-known treasures of Buccoo Reef. It is visited daily by snorkelers and glass bottom boat tours. Coral Gardens is dominant in the reef building coral Orbicella annularis, also known as the boulder star coral, and hosts many reef fish.

Diver’s Dream, Tobago

Diver’s Dream consists of a series of shallow reef banks found 4 km off the south coast of Tobago between Trinidad and Tobago. The banks are covered by giant barrel sponges that thrive in the high currents. Encrusting coral and macroalgae are also prominent at this site. The banks are often visited by pelagic marine life, such as turtles, sharks and barracuda.

Mt. Irvine Bay, Tobago

Mt. Irvine Bay is a popular spot for surfing and diving in southwest Tobago. Mt. Irvine reef, also known as the Flying Dutchman, extends out to the eastern headland. This fringing reef transitions from soft coral to hard coral as you move out from the bay. The back end of Mt. Irvine reef is Mt. Irvine Wall, which has a few swim throughs and overhangs where schools of fish hang out.

Southside Reefs, Tobago

Along the south coast of Tobago are three dives sites. From east to west, they are Cove Reef, Flying Reef and Stingray Alley. Coral reefs in this area are gently sloping and exposed to high currents. These reefs are frequently visited by large schools of reef fish including grunts and chub.

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