Northeast Tobago

Booby Island

Breakfast Bay Reef

Goat Island

Hermitage Reef

Iguana Bay

Landslide Reef

Little Tobago

Pirates Bay

Sanga Rock

St. Giles Island

Booby Island, Tobago

Booby Island is located within the sheltered Man-O-War Bay at Charlotteville in northeast Tobago. It is named after the Brown Boobies that inhabit the rock. On one side, a gently sloping reef, dominant in sea plumes and corals, connects the island to the mainland at Lover’s Bay; on the other side, divers can explore the submerged rock walls of the island.

Breakfast Bay Reef, Tobago

Located on the eastern side of Man-O-War Bay, this reef is accessible only by boat. The rocky shoreline extends underwater to house branching and bouldering corals on submerged rocks and abundant fish life seeking refuge.

Goat Island, Tobago

Located off Speyside, Goat Island features a house nestled between two giant rocks. Coral reefs wrap right around the island. The most famous is called Angel Reef, which lies along the western bay; it is predominantly comprised of hard corals and is one of the more biodiverse reefs on the island. On the south side of the island, Japanese Gardens is well-known for its colourful sponge communities.

Hermitage Reef, Tobago

Hermitage Reef lies along the western side of Man-O-War Bay, Charlotteville, adjacent to Hermitage Bay. With no coastal development nearby, this coral reef is home to the endangered branching Elkhorn corals in the shallows. Farther down the reef slope, giant mountain star coral colonies extend from 7 m to 15 m in depth, creating underwater structures for numerous marine creatures.

Iguana Bay, Tobago

Iguana Bay is located north of Charlotteville and can only be accessed by boat. Although there are coral communities, there is little structure, likely because of the exposed wave environment. It is home to colonies of the incredibly rare staghorn coral (Acropora cervicornis).

Landslide Reef, Tobago

Landslide Reef runs along the eastern margin of Man-O-War Bay, from Pirates Bay out towards Breakfast Bay. This is a shallow fringing reef dominated by hard and soft corals growing along submerged rocks. It is home to rare branching Elkhorn coral.

Little Tobago, Tobago

Little Tobago is the larger island located in Speyside Bay. This island is home to marvels both above and below the water. The island itself is an important nesting site for marine birds, including the Red-billed Tropic Bird. It is encircled by coral reefs which include one of the largest brain corals in the Western Hemisphere.

Pirates Bay, Tobago

There are two small patch reefs located on either side of Pirates Bay in Man-O-War Bay, Charlotteville. This shallow coral community grows over sunken rocks. The reef is home to encrusting fire coral and hard corals, numerous long-spined sea urchins and sea rods. Many reef fish and juvenile marine turtles visit these reefs.

Sanga Rock, Tobago

Sanga Rock is located in north Charlotteville. The sheltered side of Sanga Rock is dominated by unique boulder and brain corals. Divers swim around Sanga Rock and explore the walls that are encrusted with the beautiful non-native sun cup corals that resemble bunches of yellow flowers.

St. Giles Island, Tobago

Located north of Charlotteville, this island is a bird sanctuary and home to a number of nesting species, including the Magnificent Frigatebird and the Brown Booby. The coral reefs of St. Giles are exposed to high currents, and so, are dominated by brain corals that cover the shallow areas.

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