Caribbean Coast

Arnos Vale

Castara Reef

Cotton Bay

Culloden Bay

Plymouth Reef

Arnos Vale, Tobago

Arnos Vale Bay on Tobago’s Caribbean coast is a popular snorkel and diving destination, including night diving in the bay. The Arnos Vale reef extends outward from the bay along the eastern and western fringes, where the reef grows on submerged rocks. Divers can swim through channels covered in corals, sea fans and sponges.

Castara Reef, Tobago

The reef fringes the eastern margins of Castara Bay extending from Heavenly Bay out of the bay. Castara Reef is popular for snorkelling with the rare branching Elkhorn corals growing along the nearshore rocks. For divers, the reef is dominant in soft coral plumes that make perfect hiding spots for juvenile turtles.

Cotton Bay, Tobago

This remote bay is adjacent to Castara Bay. It is usually accessed for diving by boat. Cotton Bay consists of a series of submerged rocks that that make for amazing swim throughs for divers and hideout for marine life. Encrusting and boulder corals grow along these giant submerged rocks that descend to great depth.

Culloden Bay, Tobago

Culloden Bay is home to a unique spur and groove coral reef shaped by the currents that flow along the Caribbean coast. The growth of corals over time has created these rocky underwater spurs that project out to sea like fingers. Each spur is separated by a sandy groove where one can find turtles, eels and lionfish lurking.

Plymouth Reef, Tobago

Just off Plymouth Point (adjacent to the Plymouth recreational grounds), this well-developed spur and groove reef is dominant in sea plumes and sea rods.

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